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30 August 2023

4 unique pasta dishes from around the world you will not find in Italy

Welcome to a delectable journey through the lesser-known corners of global pasta culture, a delightful exploration of pasta dishes that transcend Italian borders and resonate with unique flavors and local flair. From Latin America all the way to Japan, the symbol of Italian cuisine is reinterpreted in four original dishes, each a tribute to its cultural roots and a revelry of regional culinary craftsmanship. Is your mouth watering yet?

1. Sorrentinos: a tempting tango from Argentina

Our journey begins in Argentina, where pasta lovers relish the rich taste of Sorrentinos. Hailing from the coastal city of Mar del Plata, Sorrentinos are reminiscent of the Italian ravioli, yet they exhibit their very own South American twist. Named after Sorrento, Italy, these pasta parcels are celebrated for their luscious fillings and generous size. Stuffed with a variety of ingredients such as ham and cheese, meat and spinach, or chicken and caramelized onion, Sorrentinos can harmoniously tango with either a fresh tomato sauce or a delicate bechamel cream.

If you’re enticed by the name “Sorrentinos,” you might also want to explore the Italian recipe of Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. Despite the shared name, the Argentinian Sorrentinos and Italian Gnocchi alla Sorrentina are distinct dishes, each reflecting the culinary spirit of their respective regions. Where the richly filled pasta celebrates the Argentinian zest, the gnocchi offer a taste of Italy’s heartwarming simplicity.

2. Rondelli: a carnival of flavors from Brazil

Venturing further into Latin America, we arrive in Brazil, where the Rondelli take center stage. A true culinary treat, often found on the menus of Italian restaurants in Brazil, the Rondelli are thin pasta sheets enveloping indulgent fillings of ham, cheese, and sometimes even chicken. Layered like a lasagna, doused in creamy bechamel or tomato sauce, and baked for a delicious gratin finish, this dish finds its roots in Italy while weaving in local spiciness thanks to hints of chili and pepper. The result is a comforting fusion that resonates with the Brazilian love for robust flavors and hearty fare.

For a taste of Italy that echoes the baked pasta allure of Rondelli, consider trying the Italian recipe of Conchiglioni ripieni gratinati. While Rondelli embodies the vibrant flavors of Brazil, Conchiglioni ripieni gratinati are reminiscent of the comfort and simplicity of the traditional Italian cuisine, highlighting pasta’s versatility across continents.

3. Pastitsio: mythical layers of delight from Greece

Traveling across the Mediterranean, we reach Greece, where Pastitsio reigns as a beloved comfort food. Nestled between the layers of pasta lies a savory blend of ground meat, aromatic spices, and bechamel sauce. Baked to perfection, Pastitsio embodies the essence of Greek cuisine: bold flavors, intricate layers, and a dash of Mediterranean seasoning. This dish effortlessly mirrors the heartiness of Italian lasagna while carrying the signature piquancy of Greece.


If you’re seeking a medley of flavors in an Italian dish reminiscent of Pastitsio’s layered allure, consider exploring Lasagne al pesto. This Italian rendition presents layers of pasta, vibrant pesto, and cheese, crafting a fresh summertime variation of the beloved Lasagna. As the sun-soaked Mediterranean charm is shared between Greece and Italy, these layered pasta dishes tantalize your palate with different cultural notes.

4. Spaghetti Sandwich: noodle innovation from Japan

Our culinary voyage now takes us all the way to Japan, where creativity knows no bounds. Indulge us as we present to you the unconventional yet intriguing Spaghetti Sandwich: an unexpected gastronomic surprise that exemplifies Japanese brilliance. Nestled between two crunchy slices of bread, this dish fuses the familiarity of pasta with the convenience of a sandwich. It’s a unique culinary intersection where Japanese innovation meets Italian tradition.


For a taste of Italy’s classic flavors, consider savoring Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino, a dish known for its simple yet bold combination of garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes. As you relish the juicy bites of the Spaghetti Sandwich, let the familiarity of Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino whisk you away to the charming streets of Italy.

As we conclude our expedition, let these unique dishes remind you that while pasta may have originated in Italy, its influence has ventured far and wide, enriching the global gastronomic tapestry.