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Grana Padano DOP

Product code: 031010711

Grana Padano PDO is produced with few but exceptional ingredients – with very few raw elements skillfully processed, left to age, and finally branded.

It is a cheese with a thousand-year history, characterized by a grainy texture, hence the name of “GRANA”.

Grana Padano ages from 9 to over 20 months – and it has different flavors according to the aging time . Between 9 to 16 months: the taste is delicate and the flavor of milk emerges; from 16 to 20 months: the cheese has a very intense flavor, and its aroma is reminiscent of dried fruit, butter and hay; beyond 20 months: it has a rich and full taste.

The color acquires more yellow shades and the texture is more grainy according to the aging period.

Ingredients and allergens

Milk, salt, rennet, egg lysozyme. Fat in dry matter 32% min.

Available sizes
  • Dalla forma intera al 300 gr
Tips and combinations
Grana Padano PDO is an ideal cheese to be enjoyed in chunks, or thinly sliced in combination with salads, carpaccio and pizza. Perfect for gratinating in the oven, for filling stuffed pasta and for further enriching sauces for pasta and gnocchi.
Value Per 100g
Energy 1654kJ - 398kcal
Total Fat 29g
Saturated Fat 18g
Total Carbohydrate 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 33g
Salt 1,5g