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28 March 2024

Spring on a plate: recipes by influencer Jasmin Mhethawi

As we savor the vibrant flavors of spring, Casa Rinaldi is delighted to partner with the talented food influencer Jasmin Mhethawi, known on instagram as @15minutenrezepte. With her passion for culinary creativity and commitment to using high-quality ingredients, Jasmin brings a fresh perspective to our premium products, showcasing their versatility and excellence in her delectable recipes.

Jasmin’s culinary journey began with a desire to share her love for cooking with others and inspire them to create delicious meals in their everyday lives. Her approach to recipe development is characterized by creativity, experimentation, and an open-minded attitude. Drawing inspiration from traditional recipes, Jasmin infuses her creations with her unique flair, resulting in dishes that are both innovative and comforting.

Casa Rinaldi’s products play a vital role in Jasmin’s recipes, as she values the importance of using high-quality ingredients to elevate her dishes. She particularly appreciates Casa Rinaldi’s commitment to combining traditional values with a modern approach, aligning perfectly with her own culinary philosophy. Whether it’s incorporating Casa Rinaldi’s flavorful tomato sauce into her meatballs recipe or enhancing her spicy chili cheese pasta with our premium extra virgin olive oil, Jasmin showcases the versatility and excellence of Casa Rinaldi’s products in every dish she creates.

Check out all of Jasmin’s mouth watering recipes and add your own twist to them!

One of Jasmin’s favorite Casa Rinaldi products to work with is the baby gnocchi, which she describes as a lifesaver for busy weeknights. Prepared in just five minutes, these mini-gnocchi epitomize convenience without compromising on quality, making them a staple in Jasmin’s kitchen.

Through her recipes, the influencer hopes to inspire others to embrace cooking with fresh ingredients and add a touch of creativity to their meals. She believes that simple dishes can be transformed into culinary delights with the right combination of flavors and ingredients, encouraging her followers to explore new tastes and techniques in the kitchen. For aspiring food influencers and amateur chefs looking to improve their cooking skills, Jasmin offers valuable advice: let go of rigid rules and embrace experimentation. By being open to new ideas and ingredients, and approaching cooking with a sense of curiosity and creativity, anyone can elevate their culinary creations to new heights.

Join us in celebrating the joy of cooking and the beauty of seasonal flavors with Casa Rinaldi and @15minutenrezepte. Buon Appetito!