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Italian ermes wholemeal rice

Product code: 018670375 EAN: 8006165390859

Italian ermes is an aromatic wholemeal rice with elongated grains and a red color. This type of rice is obtained from the crossing between black Venere rice and the indica type rice, using only natural techniques (it is not a GMO product).

The outer hull of the Ermes grain is red because it is very rich in red anthocyanins – natural pigments with antioxidants . The inner hull of the grain is white.

Ermes rice is digestible, naturally gluten-free, rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients and allergens

Ermes wholemeal rice

Available sizes
  • 500g
Tips and combinations
Ermes rice by Casa Rinaldi is suitable for rice salads with raw or cooked vegetables, vegetable soups and light dishes and appetizers.