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Buffalo mozzarella

Product code: 009410159 EAN: 8006165414340

Casa Rinaldi’s buffalo mozzarella PDO has a smooth and homogeneous texture. Thanks to a particular craftsmanship, the internal texture appears as different layers with irregular pores.

When cut, an abundant milky liquid, pearl white in color, comes out. The appreciable scent is musky, determined by the hay and corn present in the feeding of buffaloes; to these aromas are added that of white mushrooms and fresh milk.

On the palate it has a particular acidity, milky and savory. In the mouth the first sensation is that of being enveloped in a pleasant milky acidity, followed by a satisfying persistence of an exquisite flavor.

Ingredients and allergens

Buffalo milk natural whey inoculum (milk), salt, rennet. Fat content on the dry matter: 52% minimum.

Available sizes
  • 125g
  • 250g
Tips and combinations
Key ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, buffalo mozzarella DOP is ideal for a huge variety of dishes, both hot and cold, and is a must on pizza.
Value Per 100g
Energy 1144kJ - 276kcal
Total Fat 24g
Saturated Fat 16g
Total Carbohydrate 0,7g
Sugars 0,7g
Protein 15g
Salt 0,8g