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22 January 2024

Cooking with coffee: 4 recipes from around the world

In the realm of culinary exploration, few ingredients hold the power to captivate the senses quite like coffee. Beyond its role as a morning ritual or an afternoon pick-me-up, coffee unveils a world of intricate flavors and aromatic nuances that extend far beyond the brim of your favorite mug. In today’s article we delve into the global tapestry of creative coffee recipes, unlocking the versatility of this beloved bean in the realm of gastronomy.

1. Italian espresso Tiramisù

Our culinary adventure could not have started anywhere else than in the heart of Italy, where the art of coffee meets the classic Tiramisù. This iconic dessert harmoniously melds the bold flavors of freshly brewed espresso with layers of mascarpone and delicate ladyfinger biscuits. The rich, invigorating bitterness of the espresso infuses every bite, creating a symphony of taste that encapsulates the essence of Italian indulgence.

Try our very own Tiramisù recipe: it’s simple and delicious!

2. Turkish coffee-Infused walnut Baklava

The journey moves on to the enchanting world of Turkish cuisine with a twist on the traditional Baklava. Here, you can immerse yourself in layers of phyllo pastry, crunchy walnuts, and honey, heightened by the deep, robust notes of finely ground Turkish coffee. This fusion of textures and flavors celebrates the rich traditions of Middle Eastern desserts, where the aromatic allure of coffee transforms a classic into a decadent delight.

In the absence of Turkish coffee, we suggest trying our Superior blend, its intense aroma enhances the flavors of walnuts and honey.

3. American coffee BBQ pulled pork

Not all that has coffee in it must be sweet! Directly from the U.S comes a savory indulgence: Coffee BBQ Pulled Pork, a fusion of smoky flavors and coffee-infused richness. The bold character of brewed coffee complements the tangy sweetness of barbecue sauce, enhancing the succulence of slow-cooked pulled pork. This recipe is a testament to the versatility of coffee, showcasing its ability to elevate not only desserts but also savory delights with a nuanced complexity.

We suggest using our Caribbean Blend coffee for savory dishes, as its taste is delicate, with notes of malt and toasted almonds.


4. Japanese coffee Ramen

Our global expedition concludes in Japan with an unexpected yet delightful twist: coffee Ramen. Unveil the savory umami notes of ramen broth enriched with the subtle bitterness of brewed coffee. This innovative fusion captures the essence of Japanese culinary creativity, where coffee takes center stage in a savory dish that surprises and delights the palate.


Let the aromatic charm of coffee transport you from the cafes of Italy to the bustling markets of Turkey, the barbecue pits of the American South, and the noodle houses of Japan. These four recipes showcase coffee as more than a beverage: it’s a culinary alchemist, turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary experiences.