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Olive pomace oil

Product code: 001010102 EAN: 8006165389600

Olive pomace oil is a very special oil: it is obtained  from the skins, stones and fragments of olives left over from the first pressing. These residues are then pressed and mixed with extra virgin olive oil in order to get a product rich in organoleptic properties.

Casa Rinaldi olive pomace oil is characterized by its straw yellow color and delicate aroma. Upon tasting, this oil turns out to be quite flat and with a recognizable aftertaste.

Ingredients and allergens

Oil comprising exclusively oils obtained by processing olive pomace oil and oils obtained directly from olives.

Available sizes
  • 500ml
  • 1 lt
  • 2 lt
  • 5 lt
Tips and combinations
Olive pomace oil is widely used in cooking: thanks to its delicate taste and high content of linoleic acid, it is perfect for making preparations such as bread, focaccia, biscuits and taralli. It is also used to fry and garnish every kind of food.
Value Per 100g
Energy 3389kJ - 824kcal
Total Fat 91,6g
Saturated Fat 14,1g
Total Carbohydrate 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g
Salt 0g