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Giant selection

The Giant selection focuses around “La Bella della Daunia D.O.P.” and “Bella di Cerignola” olive varieties, both green and black. These are very tasty fruitful olives with a rustic flavor and a juicy pulp, exclusively harvested in the Cerignola area.

Green or black, these olives are also known as “Le Giganti” – as they are giant and the largest on the market. They are the perfect food for appetizers or to be paired with meat and cheese dishes.

Available sizes
  • 290g
  • 310g
  • 580g
  • 1680g
  • 3kg
  • 4kg
Discover varieties
Black "Bella di Cerignola" olives
Green "Bella di Cerignola" olives
Black "Bella di Cerignola" olives
Giant "Bella di Cerignola" black olives undergo a transformation process known as the California Method – they are stored for at least thirty days and consumers are then guaranteed a safe and stable product for three years, as regards organoleptic, olfactory and visual characteristics. They are black and have an intense and firm taste.
Value Per 100g
Energy 636kJ - 155kcal
Total Fat 15,80g
Saturated Fat 2,87g
Total Carbohydrate 0,30g
Sugars 0,01g
Protein 1,00g
Salt 3,50g
Green "Bella di Cerignola" olives
Giant green "Bella di Cerignola" olives undergo a transformation process known as the Siviglia Method – as a result, the olives are yellow-green in color and present a pleasant fragrance and a mild taste, sweeter than black olives. The olives are then packaged in order for the product to maintain its organoleptic, olfactory and visual characteristics for three years.
Value Per 100g
Energy 624kJ - 169kcal
Total Fat 17,50g
Saturated Fat 3,60g
Total Carbohydrate 0,28g
Sugars 0,01g
Protein 0,98g
Salt 4,00g
Description Where does it go
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Capsule Steel
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