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9 December 2023

Embracing flavors and creativity: inside Natália Martins’ kitchen

In the vibrant world of Instagram, where lifestyle seamlessly intertwines with culinary arts, Natália Martins stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Five years ago, her journey began as a hobby, sharing DIY tips, daily routines, and the occasional recipe. Little did she know that her venture into the culinary realm would become a flourishing passion. “Cooking content brought a lot of engagement from my audience,” Natália shares. “It allowed me to combine something I already loved, which is cooking, with what is my profession today.”

Hailing from Brazil, Natália effortlessly incorporates Casa Rinaldi’s products into her kitchen and daily recipes, making them an integral part of her culinary repertoire. “Brazilians love pasta too! Casa Rinaldi’s products are always welcome. We like to be creative with sauces and side dishes, both in daily preparations and special meals,” she says, emphasizing her preference for Casa Rinaldi’s pastas, which she considers the best she has tried so far.

Amidst the joys of pregnancy, Natália has maintained a commitment to healthy, homemade foods. “Cooking has helped me relax,” she remarks. “There’s no question the bolognese spaghetti made with Casa Rinaldi’s sauce is a dish that can be enjoyed any time.”

Natália’s Instagram is a delightful blend of personal and culinary moments, where our made in Italy delicacies often take center stage. One standout recipe that resonated with her followers was Casa Rinaldi’s pasta with pesto sauce. “The result was super crisp and light. On top of being practical, because the pesto sauce is enough to bring the taste of pasta to a new level.”

As a brand ambassador for Casa Rinaldi, Natália has explored an array of products. Among these, balsamic vinegaremerged as a hidden gem. “For those who, like me, love the sweet-and-sour taste, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too!”

Natália’s love for experimentation recently led her to a unique discovery: truffle cream. “It’s not a common ingredient here in Brazil. I was always curious to try it and was surprised by its taste! It’s unique, different from anything else I have tried before.”

In showcasing creativity in her cooking, Natália offers a Casa Rinaldi-inspired recipe that stands out for its simplicity and remarkable flavor: bruschetta with truffle oil. “It brought the flavor to a new, very remarkable level.”

Natália Martins, with her Instagram serving as a canvas, continues to inspire and bring the joy of Italian flavors to her audience. Her journey with Casa Rinaldi’s products is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and the art of culinary excellence. Through her lens, we see a celebration of flavors, creativity, and the essence of Casa Rinaldi’s made-in-Italy allure.