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18 May 2023

Casa Rinaldi at TUTTOFOOD 2023

At the end of an effervescent edition of TuttoFood Milano 2023, which saw more than 40,000 professional visitors from 111 countries, we can only be satisfied for our presence.

A truly positive balance thanks to the increase in the number of buyers from all over the world.

The top countries of this edition for Casa Rinaldi were confirmed as those from South America, many areas of Central and Northern Europe and the Middle East.
There was a great deal of ferment in the sector, from new players oriented towards developing online channels, to the presentation of delivery apps, up to the evident growth of the gift items sector (basket and box).
Great movement also in the world of international catering: in fact, we have witnessed the project of many players to open new restaurants, in line with the growth trends of the sector seen in recent years, in which Italian food is experienced as a synonym of quality-guarantee by the restaurateurs.

The most popular requests from our visitors? Condiments in terms of general category; captivating packaging; products with shorter and shorter lists of ingredients.

Watch the video: