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5 October 2023

Casa Rinaldi at Anuga 2023: gourmet experience with Chef Locoselli

As anticipation heightens for the grand Anuga 2023, Casa Rinaldi stands ready to unveil a culinary spectacle that transcends expectations. Nestled in the heart of the world’s leading trade fair for food and beverages, Casa Rinaldi brings a touch of Italian excellence, promising a gourmet experience that merges tradition with innovation.

Casa Rinaldi’s stand at Anuga

Embark on a delectable journey at Casa Rinaldi’s stand, situated at E021 in Hall 11.2. In a move reflecting Casa Rinaldi’s commitment to immersive culinary experiences, we will present an open kitchen: an intimate culinary theater reserved exclusively for our esteemed guests. Here, the acclaimed Chef Antonio Locoselli, hailing from the Italian region of Apulia, will gracefully take the stage, curating each dish as a seamless fusion of tradition and molecular innovation.

Chef Locoselli, celebrated as the “Best Upcoming Chef of Italian Cuisine” by the Italian Chefs Association in Germany, achieved this distinction with his masterpiece, “From the Langhe to Trentino.” At Anuga 2023 Chef Locoselli will unveil a new Italian menu every day, treating Casa Rinaldi’s guests to original dishes, crafted with passion and innovation, that celebrate Italy’s diverse culinary landscape.

The epicenter of food innovation

Anuga, the global food and beverage extravaganza, transcends borders, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and connoisseurs. The 2023 edition echoes the theme of “Sustainable Growth,” aligning with the worldwide commitment to balance economic prosperity with environmental responsibility. This year, Anuga spotlights key trends that redefine the culinary landscape: alternative meat proteins, free-from health foods, and the clean label movement, amongst other topics, take center stage, offering a glimpse into the future of the food industry.

Anuga 2023 events and highlights

The fair this year promises an array of special events, including the Anuga Organic Supermarket and the Anuga Taste Innovation Show. These showcase new products, trends and technologies that define the food industry, providing a platform for industry leaders to share their insights. Anuga goes beyond traditional exhibitions, hosting culinary competitions, tastings, and workshops. These events promise an immersive experience, allowing participants to delve into the intricacies of global cuisine.

At Anuga 2023, Casa Rinaldi will not only present a feast for the senses but will become an integral part of the global conversation on sustainable culinary innovation. Chef Locoselli’s artistry, combined with Casa Rinaldi’s commitment to excellence, creates a unique synergy that elevates this gastronomic journey. Join us at E021, Hall 11.2, from Saturday 07.10. to Wednesday 11.10.2023 in Cologne, and be a part of this celebration of taste, tradition, and global culinary trends.