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17 April 2024

The evolution of burrata: embracing IQF technology

In the realm of culinary innovation, tradition meets modernity with the advent of Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) technology applied to the iconic Italian cheese, burrata. At Casa Rinaldi, we are proud to introduce our new frozen burrata, a product that not only preserves the authentic flavors of Italy but also offers versatility and sustainability like never before.

But what exactly is IQF? IQF stands for Individual Quick Frozen, a cutting-edge freezing method that preserves food in its freshest state by rapidly freezing each piece separately. This process locks in flavor, texture, and nutritional value, ensuring that the product maintains its authentic taste and quality even after freezing.

Crafted from 100% Italian milk, our frozen burrata undergoes the IQF process, revolutionizing the way we enjoy this beloved cheese. With IQF, users have the flexibility to thaw only the desired quantity, while the rest remains perfectly preserved, minimizing waste and maximizing convenience. This innovation extends to our packaging, designed for microwave oven thawing, ensuring quick and effortless preparation for even the busiest of schedules.

What sets our frozen burrata apart is the preservation of its sensory characteristics. Through IQF freezing with liquid nitrogen at temperatures as low as -120°C, every aspect of this creamy cheese, from its is a harmonious balance of buttery smoothness and hints of tanginess to its luscious creamy center, remains unchanged. The water molecules within its structure crystallize, locking in its genuine fresh flavor and nutritional values, just like a freshly made product.

The story of burrata is one steeped in tradition, with its origins tracing back to the ancient methods of Italian herdsmen during the transhumance. Inspired by these age-old practices, we strive to recreate the distinctive head formed by the process, ensuring that each piece of burrata retains its artisanal charm and authenticity. With our frozen burrata, the possibilities are endless. Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into culinary creations, its shape and texture remain impeccably maintained, delivering a sensory experience that rivals that of its freshly made version.

When it comes to thawing our frozen burrata, simplicity reigns supreme: just a few steps in the microwave, and you’re ready to indulge in its creamy goodness. For more info, check out our video tutorial. Insert the package, defrost, and serve: within minutes, you’ll be transported to the sun-kissed fields of Italy, savoring the essence of traditional Italian cuisine.


In addition to the frozen burrata, Casa Rinaldi offers a delightful array of IQF cheese products, each boasting its own unique flavor and versatility. From the creamy richness of our stracciatella to the classic taste of our mozzarella, and the irresistible bite-sized mozzarella morsels, there’s something for every palate and occasion. These IQF cheese options are perfect for adding a touch of Italian authenticity to salads, pasta dishes, pizzas, and more.

Embrace the evolution of culinary excellence and elevate your dining experience with IQF technology at its finest.