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Organic soy-based mayonnaise

Product code: 003170540 EAN: 8006165416047

An organic soy-based mayonnaise, the perfect protein substitute for eggs; being entirely of vegetable origin, our mayonnaise is perfect for vegetarians and vegans or for anyone looking for a lighter but just as tasty alternative to the classic product.

The ingredients are few and simple, all of organic origin and processed according to tradition. It is soft and has an intense flavor reminiscent of classic mayonnaise.

Ingredients and allergens

Sunflower seed oil*, water, soy milk* 10% (water, soybeans* 6.5%), cane sugar*, cider vinegar*, sea salt, lemon juice*, extra virgin olive oil*, powdered mustard*. Thickeners: guar gum*, xanthan gum. Antioxidants: rosemary extract*. *from organic farming.

Available sizes
  • 185g
Tips and combinations
Casa Rinaldi's vegan mayonnaise is ideal for enjoying fish dishes, fried food, hamburgers and sandwiches, main courses and finger foods.
Value Per 100g
Energy 2601kJ - 632kcal
Total Fat 68g
Saturated Fat 7,8g
Total Carbohydrate 4,2g
Sugars 4,1g
Protein 0,3g
Salt 1,5g