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Italian carnaroli wholemeal rice

Product code: 018670374 EAN: 8006165390835

Italian carnaroli wholemeal rice is characterized by elongated grains. Its taste is reminiscent of dried fruit, especially hazelnut.

This type of rice is a less processed food than the classic white rice, which is why its nutritional values ​​are maintained and enhanced; it is rich in fibers and contributes to better digestion.

Ingredients and allergens

Carnaroli wholemeal rice

Available sizes
  • 500g
Tips and combinations
Our carnaroli wholemeal rice is ideal for first courses such as risottos and rice salads, and can also be paired with vegetables and fish.
Value Per 100g
Energy 1483kJ - 350kcal
Total Fat 2,2g
Saturated Fat 0,7g
Total Carbohydrate 74g
Sugars 1,0g
Protein 7,8g
Salt 0,03g