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Italian carnaroli rice

Product code: 018670378 EAN: 8006165395892

Italian carnaroli Rice is acknowledged by experts and chefs as the true “king of rices”. It was born in 1945 from Vialone and Lecino rice varieties but its real value is registered around the ‘80s of last century, when it was saved from extinction.

Carnaroli rice is often described as “superfino” and has large (bigger than 6mm) sweet grains, suitable to absorb broth, liquids, butter and cream, making it perfect for risottos.

Ingredients and allergens

Carnaroli rice

Available sizes
  • 500g
  • 1kg
Tips and combinations
Casa Rinaldi carnaroli rice is suitable for all kinds of risottos because it absorbs flavors and aromas. It is also perfect for rice salads.