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“Extra vecchio” Modena Balsamic Vinegar PDO

Product code: 001060888 EAN: 8006165372121

Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena “Extra Vecchio” is a vinegar of great value, obtained from an aging process of at least 25 years.

This condiment is the result of the particular characteristics and variety of grapes typically grown in the Modena city area and the inimitable art of cooking the musts, followed by the process of decanting in the vinegar cellars. This balsamic vinegar obtained the DOC (Designation Of Origin) standard in 1986, as well as being recognized as a POD by the European Community in April 2000.

This vinegar has a dark and brown color. It has a density of 1.38 and a smooth syrupiness, and is characterized by a fragrant, complex but well blended, penetrating and persistent scent. Its flavor is sweet and sour, with an appreciable acidity.

Ingredients and allergens

Cooked grape must. Contains sulphites.

Available sizes
  • 100ml
Tips and combinations
Casa Rinaldi's extra vecchio Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is an excellent condiment. Just a few drops are enough to add flavor to dishes. We recommend it in combination with red meats, roasts and pork. It can also be paired with fish, cruditè, parmigiano cheese and fruit.